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Wedding Cakes

Our wedding and custom cakes are works of art!

To receive specific pricing, or tasting, please call to schedule an appointment with our Wedding & Specialty Cake expert Theresa!

*Please note: We do not accept cake orders by email., but are happy to see your design ideas or go over options.  If you would like to place an order please call!. 

Wedding & Custom order cakes

Shape: Round, Square, Heart, or Offset

Batter:Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, Half & Half or Red Velvet

All cake orders require a 25% non- refundable deposit when ordering.

All changes must be made no longer than a week before the wedding date!

Cut- out Shape Cakes

$3.50/Serving (min. 25 servings)

Specialty Cake

Toasted Almond Torte/Fondant 

$4.50/ per serving

Wedding Cupcakes: $2.00 each

Cookie and Pastry trays are also great at Weddings!

3 dz cookies Tray-$26.99

5 dz Cookie Tray- $39.99

10 dz CookieTray- $77.99

Small Pastry Tray- $35.00

Large Pastry Tray- $65.00

Regular Cookies -$7.29 Dz.

Wedding Pettifores - $2.29 (each)

Miniature Lady Locks - $1.19 (each) 

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