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Other Products

Besides our cake items, we offer a wide variety of delicious products made fresh daily including donuts, danish, pies, brownies, tiramisu, cannolis, eclairs, assorted coffee cakes, and so many types of cookies!

We bake bread daily! We offer Italian, Rye, Pumpernickel, Wheat, Egg, and Cinnamon. Plus assortments of dinner rolls, sandwich buns, hot dog buns, etc. Please call ahead or place an order to ensure availability.   

Please call or stop by for more information on specific products and current promotions.

Breakfast items:


Regular $1.09 or $10.99 per Dozen

Specialty $1.39 or $14.00 per Dozen

  • Specialty includes Filled, Twists, Pretzels, Cinnamon Spins, and Apple Fritters


Each $1.59

1/2 Dozen. $8.99

Dozen $16.99

Assorted Coffee Cakes

     -Pecan $8.99

     -Walnut $8.29

     -Danish and Old Fashion $6.49

     -Sweet Dough $7.99

     -Strudel $7.99

Cooler and Torte Cakes:

Almond Torte Cake Whole $24.99

     -Slice $3.69

Cheese Cake

Whole $24.99

    -Slice $3.69

With Fruit $29.99

Powdered Pumpkin Roll $13.99

Tiramisu $3.99

Parfait Cup $4.29

Strawberry Buttercream cake $24.99

Chocolate Mousse Cake $29.99

Pecan Tassies $1.09

Iced Pumpkin Roll $15.99

Whole Pineapple Upside Down Cake $12.99

Strawberry Shortcake $24.99

Mini Cream Puffs & Eclairs $2.99

Strudel Slice $3.89

Cobbler $1.99

Cream Puff $2.79

Eclair $2.99

Napoleons $3.89

Baklava $2.89

Cannoli $2.99

Cake Slice $3.49

Pumpkin Rolls $3.99

Apple Dumpling $4.29

Pineapple Upside Down Cake- MINI $3.99

Large Cannoli $3.99

Mini Almond Tortes $2.69

Powder Sugar Pumpkin Roll $13.99

Individual Items: 

Lady Lock $1.89

Cupcake Each $1.19

Cupcake 1/2 DZ $6.79

Cupcake DZ$10.99

Decorated Cupcake$2.25

Specialty Cupcake $2.25

Airbrush Cupcake $1.35

Brownie Each$1.19

Brownie 1/2 DZ$6.79

Brownie DZ$10.99

Nut Brownie$1.75

Carrot Cake Squares $2.49

Large Lady Lock$14.99

French Pastries$2.49



Small Pastry Tray$48.99

Large Pastry Tray$79.99

Lady Lock 3 Pack$5.49

Don't see what you need? Just call and we would love to take your individual order!

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